What do you think of when you envision a beautiful single process blonde?

Do you envision a soft buttery blonde, that has a hint of golden sunshine to it, or an ice cool blonde that has that Nordic – Swedish look?
These images conjure up thoughts of what I call:

Successful Single Process Blondes.

 This is what we think will be achieved when we look at them on the color charts from the manufacturers, but the reality is usually quite different.

Oranges, blondes, bold gold blondes, brassy blondes, greenish blondes and grayish blondes are many times what we end up with. And what about the client that you have been highlighting very heavily for some time now and one day says to you -

“You know I like my blonde highlights so much that I think I want to go solid blonde all over”.

And you figure that maybe he/she’s right. I mean, if a little blonde looks good, a lot of blonde should look better. So, you mix your favorite shade of blonde and put it on. In 30 minutes, you have a yellow canary sitting in your chair that looks as though he/she has seen a ghost. To make matters worse, you suddenly discover the big black bushy eyebrows that you never realized that he/she had when the hair was just highlighted.

Help is on the way……………………….

What You Will Learn in this Book

•   Incredible Single Process Blondes--pg.-17

•    Who are the Best and Worst Candidates for
       Single Process Blonding--pg.-19

•    Blonde Bases and How They Work--pg.-22

•    Natural/Neutral Base Blondes--pg.-22

•    Ash Base Blondes--pg.-24

•    Gold Base Blondes--pg.-25

•    Red Base Blondes--pg.-26

•    Drabbers, Modifiers and Intensifiers--pg.-28

•    High-lift Special Blondes--pg.-30

•    Color Corrective Procedures--pg.-32

#1 Ash Blonde Looks Drab on Gray (non-pigmented) Hair--pg.-32

#2 Blonde Haircolor Did Not Cover Gray (non-pigmented) Hair--pg.-35

#3 Blonde Looks Brassy / Too Warm--pg.-37

#4 Blonde Hair Looks Green--pg.-40

#5 When Making Salt & Pepper Hair Blonde, Gray (non-pigmented) Hair
     Looks Good, But the Darker Hair Now Looks Red--pg.-42

#6 How to Use Single Process Blonde on Dark Hair--pg.-46

•    Glossary--pg.-57