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The E–Z pay plan...PLUS - $27 a month

    Yes, now for a limited time you can get the the Full Collection of:
Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert home study course and pay  "On Time”.


As you know, the full Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert course generally
 sells for $384. (all 6 books).

    However, I know that $384. could be a lot of money to lay out all at once, especially with the economy the way it is.

   Or maybe you are still a beauty school student or relative newbie’ into our industry… whatever the reason, the point is that sometimes it’s hard to justify spending $384. on a set of books.

   But what if that set of books could turbo charge your success as a professional haircolorist?

   And what if these books could help you learn everything that you’ll ever need to know about doing professional haircolor?

   And best of all… what if that set of books could shave 20 years off your learning curve in understanding how professional haircolor really works?

   Now, what if instead of paying $384. for that set of books, you were only paying a mere $27. month for 12 months?

Let Your Tips Pay for Your Education

    Yes, that's right! one good tip a month can easily pay for your valuable haircolor education.

Why am I offering you this incredible opportunity to own my best-selling haircolor course at such a reasonable price?

Well, first let me tell you why I am not offering you this special deal.

1. I am not offering you this incredible deal because I need the money. Believe me, your $27 a month is not going to put my kids through college or buy me a new Mercedes-Benz.

2. I’m also not offering you this amazing opportunity because sales have been slow.
I know you may find this hard to believe, but this haircolor course is selling very well worldwide. Between my website sales; hair show sales;; other distributors I have throughout this country and in Europe, I almost cannot keep up with the growth of this business.

3. And, finally, I’m not offering you this great opportunity to buy the Trade Secrets Haircolor program because I need more exposure.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

This past year alone I have had the pleasure of presenting the strategies, techniques and philosophies of the Trade Secret program to literally thousands of hairdressers worldwide.

   So why am I offering you this amazing opportunity to own my Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert home study course at this ridiculously low price of just $27 a month?


   Because my whole point for writing this program from the beginning was to help other hairdressers who wanted (and needed) this most valuable information.

   In other words, I did not write this program for the already very successful haircolorist (although many of them have purchased it).

No, No, No

    I wrote this program for the dead broke beauty school graduate who really wants to understand how to do haircolor so that he/she can get off to a great start from the very beginning of his/her career and to shave years off of the haircolor learning curve.

    I also wrote this course for the already experienced hairdresser that never really got a handle on how haircolor really works.

By the way… that was me, I was already an accomplished haircutter, teaching haircutting classes around the world with John and Suzanne Chadwick for years, before I even owned up to the fact that I really wish I knew how to do haircolor.

   Also, if I could just bare my soul to you here for a moment… I also wrote this course because I felt that it was my small way to give something back to this amazing industry that has afforded me a lifestyle that I never dreamed possible.

   I can remember back 30 years ago, when my wife and I had to sell our jewelry to pay our rent in Manhattan.  Today we enjoy many luxuries that a successful career can bring, not to mention the peace of mind that financial security can give.

   I am not telling you all this to brag, I just want to help you realize what this industry has done for me and, likewise, what it can do for you.

   The only difference is that, if I would have had this valuable haircolor information 30 years ago, I would have been able to achieve these successes in about five years instead of 30. This is what I am offering to you, all for a measly $27 per month for 12 months.

Now, I have to tell you, my accountant advised me
not to make this offer to you.

   He says that I am crazy for handing over to you 30 years of my closely guarded haircolor secrets for only $27. month.

   I suppose his concerns are valid, I mean, every day people buy stuff then do not pay for it. But my argument to him was that hairdressers are different.

   We really care about helping other people. I mean, we build our entire businesses on the trust and rapport of our clients and coworkers.

   But, anyway, just to appease my accountant and to protect myself from possible financial damage from unreliable possible deadbeats, I’m only offering this amazing offer for a limited time.

   If I have no problems with unscrupulous people, I may extend it for a while but, on the other hand, if I have any problems at all with people not paying or people trying to rip me off, I will be forced to stop this offer immediately at any time.

   So, if you are not serious about your haircolor education or your career as a hair color specialist, please do not buy this course.

   This course and this special offer are only intended for hairdressers that are very serious about their haircolor career and understand the true value that this incredible educational series of books can do for them.

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So, Here’s How It Works,

Think of the E-Z Pay Plan as a:

12-Month Multi-Media E-Course in the Art of Haircolor!

Once you click on the “Subscribe” button below you will immediately become enrolled as a member of my 12-month (52 week long) on-line training program.

You will then have instant access to Lesson #1…even if it’s 2:00 AM.

From that point on, every 7 days (once per week) you will automatically be sent an email which will contain a download link to your next lesson in your training.

Your training will consist of 52 weekly down-loadable lessons, each one dealing with a different aspect of your haircolor education.

Over the course of the 52 weeks, you will be receiving all of the exact same text that is in the 6 main books of the Haircolor Trade Secrets program.

These Books Include:
  1. How Haircolor Really Works
  2. Great Gray Coverage
  3. Amazing Redheads
  4. Exotic Brunettes
  5. Incredible Single Process Blondes
  6. Stunning Double Process Blondes

To find out what you will learn in each book Click Here for the Table of Contents of each book.


The only difference is that instead you getting the 6 books as printed, bound books; You will be getting them over a 12-month period as 52 down-loadable easy to read,bite size (3 to 5 page) lessons.


“It’s A Pay As You Learn System”

Also, you will be able to print out these lessons and put them into a 3 ring binder to always have them to study. (binder not supplied)

Also, these lessons are in PDF format so you can download them into your iPad, iPhone, Laptop or any other computer or mobile device you wish as long as it accepts PDF formatted files.

But that’s not all…

I really wanted to make this 12-month E-Course as cool and beneficial to you as possible so I have decided to include some very special “Time Released Bonuses” throughout this course.

As you progress through the lessons you will find over “80 Video Clips” of my live seminar presentations ripped directly from my best selling DVD's.

Whenever you see a lesson with a video clip, watch the video clip’s first then read the lesson. This will make the lesson easier to understand.


Also, at the completion of each of the six books you will receive a “Secret Bonus Lesson” that will greatly add to your career as an expert hair colorist.

That’s 6 very valuable, totally down-loadable special bonuses lessons.

And finally, at the end of your 12-month training program you will receive a "Graduation Super Bonus" that will blow your socks off (just trust me on this one) you'll be amazed :-)

And as if all that wasn’t enough, on your final lesson (#52) you will be sent a link to a “Beautiful (Down-loadable) Certificate of Completion Diploma” Certifying you as a Haircolor Expert.

With all of these bonus items combined they are literally worth “DOUBLE” the entire year of dues that you will be paying over the next 12 months.

Now here’s the thing…

As I have mentioned before,
So if you want in...act now and don't delay!

Look, If you have enjoyed learning from my FREE Newsletter/Blog and Video Clips, isn’t time you Stepped up to the plate and made an investment in your Education and your Future!

I’m excited to have you as a valued member of our 12-month training program and I ‘am looking forward to seeing you on the inside.




With this E-Z Pay Plan you will NOT be receiving the books in the mail.

Instead, over the next 12 Months you will be receiving “By Email” 52 downloadable lessons (one per week) that when complete will contain all of the exact same text as the 6 books listed above.

You will be able to print out all of these lessons and by the end of the “12 Months” you will have all of the 6 books in there entirety then you can place them into a 3 ring binder.

Also, if your Credit Card or PayPal account does not have the funds available for the 12 Monthly $27. Payments, your weekly lessons will Stop and your E-Z Pay Plan will be Automatically Canceled and NO REFUNDS will be given on previous payments for lessons.


After your first payment has been made "YOU MUST CONFORM" your acceptance into the    E-Z Pay Plan by clicking the link that will be automatically sent to you, if you do not complete this final step you will not be able to receive the weekly lessons. 

If after a few minutes you did not receive this conformation link, check your "JUNK or SPAM" email folder to see if it is there if it is not contact me at the info below.

If you are confused about how this works,

contact me at the contact info below “BEFORE” you place your order.


YES, David!

Please enroll me into your 12 month Multi-Media E-Course in the

Art of Haircolor.

I understand that I will instantly be charged $27. for for the first month and then $27. per month for the next 11 months of the program.