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Gray (non-pigmented) Hair

Gray Scale


It never fails. Every time I teach one of my color correction seminars, I’m bombarded with questions from people having problems with getting good coverage on resistant gray (non-pigmented) hair. In this book I’ll give you 11 techniques on how to handle every gray coverage situation. But first, let’s look at some interesting secrets about gray hair.

Haircolor Secret
There’s No Such Thing as Gray Hair!

First of all, there’s no such thing as real gray hair. There is only pigmented hair (brown, red & blonde) and non-pigmented hair (white). What we perceive as being “gray hair” is actually a combination of pigmented hair mixed with white hair. The less white a person has, the grayer he/she tends to look.  The more white a person has, the less gray he/she tends to look, but the more white his/her hair looks.

This phenomenon is best explained with something called the “Gray Scale”.  This is a tool used in Black & White photography & film, which allows our eyes to actually see different tones of color, which are only made up of the colors black and white intermixed into verging degrees. Back in the days of Black & White TV, we all knew that Lucille Ball had bright red hair even though no one had a color television. ☺

What You Will Learn in this Book

•   Achieving Great Gray Coverage--pg.-18

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Blonde (Levels 6-9)--pg.-22

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Golden Blonde--pg.-26

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Ash Blonde--pg.-27

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Neutral Blonde--pg.-28

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Red Blonde--pg.-29

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Double Process Blonde--pg.-31
•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Brown (Levels 4,5,6)--pg.-33

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Golden Brown--pg.-33

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Ash Brown--pg.-34

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Reddish-Brown--pg.-37

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Red--pg.-39

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Light Red (Levels 7, 8, 9)--pg.-42 
•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Medium Red (Levels 4,5,6)--pg.-45     
•    Making Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Dark Red (Levels 3,4,5)--pg.-49

•    Partial Coverage Techniques--pg.-50

•    Gray Reduction-Low Lights--pg.-51

•    Gray Blending-Demi-color--pg.-52

•    Blonde on Gray-Foil Blonde--pg.-55

•    Gray Coverage Color Corrective Procedures--pg.-57

•    Keeping White Hair White--pg.-57

•    Always Using Neutral Base Colors as  Part of the Formula--pg.-59

•    Strategies for Covering Resistant Gray (non-pigmented) Hair--pg.-61

•    Glossary--pg.-75