Introduction to:
 Trade Secrets Of A Haircolor Expert




Every day, many would-be great haircolors are ruined simply because the colorist used the wrong type of color for the job (i.e. permanent color instead of demi-color, powder lightener instead of oil lightener etc.).

In order to achieve great long term haircolor, haircolor that lasts as long as possible with minimum fading and bleached highlights that don’t look dried out or get breakage, the hair has to stay in the best condition possible.

Your strategy should always be to use the gentlest type of color possible to do the job.  If the gentlest color type doesn’t work adequately (doesn’t cover gray or doesn’t lift the hair light enough), then you can use a more aggressive type product.

In this book, I’ll explain all of the different types of haircoloring products that are available to you as a professional haircolorist, as well as why and when to use each one.

This information will help you cut through all the confusion about what haircolor products will and won’t do and help you make a logical decision as to which product should be used for each haircolor service.


•    Types of Products Used by the Professional Haircolorist--pg.6

•    Secrets of Temporary Haircolor --pg.7

•    Semi-Permanent Haircolor vs. Demi-Permanent Haircolor--pg-10

•    Secrets of Semi-Permanent Haircolor --pg.-12

•    Secrets of Demi-Permanent Haircolor--pg.-15

•    Brief History of Demi-Permanent Haircolor--pg.-17

•    Modern Demi-Colors--pg.-18

•    My Top 10 List for Using Demi-Color--pg.-19

•    Secrets of Understanding Progressive Tints--pg.-24

•    Secrets of Permanent Haircolor --pg.-32

•    Secrets of Advanced Haircolor Formulation--pg.-35

•    Secrets of Why Using the Contributing Color Pigment Chart
      Doesn’t Work--pg.-41         

•    Texture Bars Explained--pg.-42

•    Secrets of How to Use the Exposed Contributing Pigment Chart
      for Tint-Backs-pg.-48

•    Secrets of Porosity--pg.-53

•    Secrets of Understanding Color Tones & Bases --pg.-55

•    Secrets of Natural or Neutral Base Colors--pg.-56

•    Secrets of Red Color Bases--pg.-59

•    Secrets of Ash Base Colors--pg.-61

•    Secrets of Gold Base Colors--pg.-65

•    Secrets of High-Lift Super Blonde Haircolor --pg.-67

•    Secrets of Toners--pg.-69

•    Secrets of Lighteners (Bleaches): Powder and Oils--pg.-72

•    Secrets of Color Removers--pg.-76

•    Secrets of Henna & Polymer Colors--pg.-81

•    Secrets of Developers --pg.-85

•    Glossary--pg.-86