I love to work on redheads.  I just love the way they look in their pure solid form.  I love the way they look with multi-shade highlighting and I love all of the different varieties of red shades that can be made.

How You Could Become Famous

Making great redheads is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that a colorist can have.  However, I’ll also tell you that making great redheads is probably the most challenging task you will have as a colorist.

But the rewards are great. If you can create great looking redheads that hold their color, look consistent with each salon visit and are able to achieve the exact shade a client is looking for, you will become famous in your area among redhead clients and potential redhead clients.

It’s been my experience that, once you do a great looking redhead, everyone who sees him/her who either has tinted red hair or ever thought of having his/her hair tinted red, will ask where he/she had it done.

 Once you have given a client a beautiful red color that he/she loves, he/she will be a loyal client forever. Why do I say this? Because there are such few colorist who really understand how to make a great red color. When these clients find someone who can, they will stay with them for many years.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t give a client the red color that he/she wants or expects, you might still become quite well known in your area because he/she will tell anyone that will listen  what a bad colorist you are.

In this is book, we will learn what it takes to make a great looking redhead. We will talk about the different types of red and who are your best and worst candidates for being a redhead. So let’s get started.

What You Will Learn in this Book 

•    Creating Amazing Redheads

•    Stack the Deck on Your Side

•    Best and Worst Candidates for Becoming a Redhead

•    Formulating Red Haircolor

•    Keeping Natural Redheads Red

•    Making Gray (non-pigmented Hair Red

•    Making Natural Blonde Hair Red

•    Making Brunette Hair Red (Levels 2-5)

•   Color Corrective Procedures for Redheads--pg.-35

#1 Red Color is too Vibrant at Re-growth Area

#2 The Ends of Client’s Red Hair Looks Brown

#3 The Client is Experiencing Early or Excessive Fading

#4 Non-pigmented Hair Turns Pink or Mauve after Applying a Red Tint.

#5 How to Brighten Natural Redheads

#6 How to Highlight Natural Redheads-Highlights Keep Disappearing  

•    Glossary